Welcome to Authority Security and Investigations

Authority Security and Investigations is a fully licensed and insured security agency operating in Montgomery Tri- County Areas. We have the experience and resources to fit all of your security needs.

Whatever your security needs, you can be sure Authority Security Force is the right place to keep your property safe. We provide you with an evaluation of the risks, and plans for prevention.

Authority Security and Investigations is a locally owned minority business with over 20 cumulative years of experience. Our current management and staff include previously certified Police Officer’s, security officer’s, correctional officers and military personnel. We strive to maintain the highest level of security industry education and certifications. Although our security officers have the training and experience to detain and make arrests, when necessary, we choose to focus on prevention and deterrence. We separate ourselves from the competition with our lower cost and superior training.

Three Reasons to Hire an Armed Officer


A Great Crime Deterrent

Security officers that carry a gun will more effectively deter crime and violence than an officer who does not carry one. It serves more as an intimidation tactic than anything else, as the officer is unlikely to draw his gun and fire it unless it is an emergency situation (for example, a person wielding a gun has opened fire in a crowd). In most cases, the person thinking of the crime will think twice if he feels that there is the possibility of him or her getting shot by the security officer. Many would-be assailants will think twice when they see an armed officer, versus a place with no security.
The argument often seen lately in today’s news is whether or not an armed security officer could have prevented many of the tragedies seen recently, especially when many of the investigations have turned over the facts that the gunmen went out of their way to search for places where there were no security or a gun free zone. The answer to that question is YES it could have been prevented!


Armed Officers Are More Highly Trained

A security officer who has a gun is likely to have more experience than an unarmed officer. The State of Alabama forces all security officers to obtain an unarmed or armed card to perform security officer services, undergo a stringent background check by The Department of Public Safety, and attend a rigorous training program to be issued a card to carry a gun while on duty.
So, if you get an armed security officer to do the job, the chances are that he’ll be well-suited to handle any situations that may arise. At Authority Security Force, we go one step beyond and we employ Military Police Veterans, and former/current Civilian Law Enforcement, so you can be confident they are experienced, and can handle themselves in a variety of stressful situations.


Lower Cost vs. Police Officer

Yes, hiring an armed officer will generally cost you more than it would if you hired an unarmed officer however hiring an armed officer vs. a Police Officer the cost is a lot cheaper AND we possess the same arrest powers as certified Police Officer. The higher cost may be a nuisance, but the benefits are often intangible in that you may never know if a situation was avoided or deterred by the presence of an armed officer. The mere presence of an armed security officer can de-escalate many heated situations- that is why you will see them used by celebrities, sports figures, and Government Officials.